Although the VAPONIC is similar to the Vapbong at first sight, it’s actually a major further development of its predecessor

These are the new key features of the VAPONIC:

  • Increased Filling Chamber
  • Faster and easier handling, filling, heating and cleaning
  • No grinding of the herbs is needed
  • Visual control of the heating process
  • Unintended combustion virtually impossible
  • Vaporization based on conduction and convection
  • New design and dividing line marking the ‘where to touch’ area
  • Extra fine and durable steel filter
  • Very useful multifunctional maintenance tool included

The differences as far as the single parts are concerned between the Vapbong and the Vaponic are the inner tube (shape), the filter (shape and material + there’s no outer filter any more), the outer tube (red imprint with symbol and separation line which indicates where (not) to touch the vaporizer in order not to burn yourself), the silicone connecting piece (color) and last but not least the multifunctional tool with six different functions! The mouth piece is exactly the same.

All the measures are compatible with the original Vapbong.

Theoretically the owner of a Vapbong can simply change the core piece (= the Vaponic inner tube), keep using the rest of his Vapbong and still enjoy a big part the new Vaponic vaporizing experience. This would be the minimum upgrade required.

You could of course also add a steel filter, an outer tube, a grey silicone connecting piece and/or a multifunctional tool. It’s up to you to decide which new features, design and extras you want to take advantage of additionally. Just make your choice in the Spare Part menu of our Vaponic Online Shop!

All the prices already include the Spanish V.A.T. of 18%